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Door-to-Door Sales Mastery

You can’t close a sale you can’t open!


Cable industry veteran and door-to-door sales expert Kim Robinson teaches direct sales reps that in today’s hot competitive climate, they need to make two sales: first sell the conversation, then sell services. Taught in-person and via on-demand video, my proprietary Cable Opening at the Door is the best there is at teaching reps exactly what to say and do at the door to start sales conversations that lead to incremental sales.  


It’s time to cut the gimmicks and learn how to sell. Period.


My unique and supremely effective online college of step-by-step how-to video classes is available

on-demand 24/7 and is proven to elevate the sales skills of veterans and newbies alike. Guaranteed! 

Call me for a free preview of any class or for a complimentary 1:1 personal sales coaching session!


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all available video courses!

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