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Inbound Call Center Sales Training

Two kinds of people staff inbound call centers: Order takers and those few agents who understand that sales and selling are part and parcel to providing callers with excellent customer service.


The convenient and effective ACE the Call on-demand video program guides call center agents through a proven step-by-step process of how-to comfortably uncover caller needs and then how-to 

satisfy those needs with the service bundle package that is just right for the caller. Agents can watch the lessons right at their work station during breaks or slow call periods and graduates are guaranteed to boost customer satisfaction while generating additional sales revenue.


Boost the effectiveness of your marketing dollars by teaching your agents how-to sell!

Outbound Telemarketing

Stop doing your company more harm than good by annoying people with unprofessional “sales pitches” to prospects. Your outbound telemarketers will learn the professional approach and follow-through that generates incremental sales and much needed revenue. 


Contact me to attend a free lesson to see for yourself how our program can help your inbound and outbound call center personnel improve customer satisfaction while generating additional sales and revenue.

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