Our Team

Rene Wukich



Whip smart with more years than she would like to admit of first-hand cable industry experience in sales, operations and executive management (decades) make her a terrific person to lead the company and manage our editing team.

Kim Robinson


Video Star

Professional salesman and multi year veteran of commission-only, door-to-door cable sales, Kim is the best person in the world at teaching people, both in person and on video how-to sell Video, Internet, Telephone and Home Security.

Ryan Elisa

Video Production


She makes everyone on camera sound smart with her Big Time University Degree in Film & Television (summa cum laude graduate –YEOW!). This ex-intern and occasional on-camera talent is now video producer, writer and director.

Darlene Richards

Guru of Registrations


Much experience as an executive assistant uniquely identifies her as the best there is at making sure all video course attendance flows smoothly. She is THE go-to person for course registration, tracking and reporting.

Alex Miranda

Most Excellent Intern


A third year Architecture student who works for peanuts (she’s an intern, hello?), Alex does an outstanding job of design for on-site video production (setting herself up for a big raise after graduation!).

Nick Gomez

Office Manager/Video Editor


Someone has to keep it together in a company filled with sales people. Smart and focused yet still a lot of fun—that’s Nick.

Lauren Queck

Graphic Designer


Founder and owner of the innovative creative design company, Fixxt Creative Strategies, Lauren gives D2D Cable the professional look that the #1 national sales training company for the hardline cable television industry should have.



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